Marc Huppert


I am using my Cohesity Virtual Editions since several months. I have the ability to communicate with the engineering and test new releases. This section of my Cohesity Virtual Edition Guide is about Upgrading a Cohesity cluster.

When new releases are available it is very easy to implement these. You just need three information about the new release.

First check your installed release:

To perform an upgrade simply click on “Upgrade Cluster” in the right top corner.

Your installed version is listed and you can click on “Get New Package”

Enter all required information and click on “Get Package and Upgrade”. Depending on your internet connection, this takes 10 Minutes – 90 Minutes.

First the new software is downloaded from Cohesity, then checked, deployed to all nodes inside your cluster (Virtual Edition Cluster is only 1 node), installed, and after that the nodes rebooted.


If your environment does not have direct internet access, you can download the package manually and do the upgrade offline.


That´s it. How easy is that…..?