Marc Huppert

FVP Update

Here are the steps:

When upgrading from FVP 1.5 to FVP 2.0, always upgrade the PernixData FVP Management Server first. PernixData FVP Management Server 2.0 can manage both PernixData FVP Host Extensions 1.5 and 2.0.

Management Server Upgrade

Double click on the PernixData FVP Management Server.exe to start the installer for version 2.0. Click Yes to upgrade the existing Management Server to version 2.0. Finished

Host Extension Upgrade

Enter host into maintenance mode, open a SSH session to that host and run the following command:

cp /opt/pernixdata/bin/ /tmp/ && /tmp/

This will uninstall your existing FVP 1.5 host extension. All your PSPs will be reset to MRU!!!!

Copy the new FVP host extension to your ESXi server for example with WinSCP.

Install the new host extension with the following command:

esxcli software vib install -d /tmp/

Backup the ESXi configuration to the boot device with this command:


Exit Host Maintenance Mode and upgrade the next host in your cluster.

Finish tasks

Check the PSP Settings of all your LUNs. Due to the uninstallation of the FVP 1.5 host extensions, all PSPs are set to MRU and after the FVP 2.0 host extension installation all PSPs are set to PRNX_MRU.

Change all your LUNs to the correct PSP. In my case PRNX_RR.

If you set your PSP to RR before the FVP Installation, this setting is recognized by Pernix. The next time you update your FVP components, it switches back from PRNX_RR to RR and after the new component Installation it is again PRNX_RR.

You can find the PernixData Upgrade Guide here:

You can find information about monitoring cluster here.