Marc Huppert

Stage XXVII: Ubiquiti Network Upgrade

After upgrading my primary vSAN in Stage XXVI: vSAN All Flash with NVMe it was time to renew the non-datacenter network:

I ordered some Ubiquiti gear…..

I deployed an Ubuntu Linux VM into my environment and configured the Ubiquiti UniFi Controller on it.

I replaced my Apple Airport Extreme Access Points with the new UAP-AC-Pro (In-House) and UAP-AC-LR (Long Range for the garden).


The Cisco SG-500X got replaced by an US48-500W (48 Port 1GbE with PoE, 2 x 10GbE SFP+ and 2 x 1GbE SFP)

My Fritzbox 7580 got replaced by an UniFi USG-Pro-4 router with Deep Packet Inspection and other enterprise features.

I wanted to have an automated failback internet option, so I got a Vodafone Gigacube LTE router (Huawei B528s23a) with external antennas connected to the second WAN port.


The 3 existing smaller 8 port switches around my house from HP got replaced with US8-60W 8 Port PoE switches.

All Ubiquiti Networks equipment can be centrally managed via the previously installed controller:

I tweaked the USG-Pro-4 implementation, enabled OSPF and configured it for my NSX environment. Very nice and useful….



This is the actual network configuration:

I configured the autobackup function inside the UniFi Controller and integrated this VM also into my Stage XXIII: Cohesity Backup. (I really love the restore individual files option)

One thing is actually missing: Multi WAN IP Support at the USG-Pro-4, but it will be implemented in the future. I really like the deep packet inspection, the Guest WiFi options and the simple management.


It is sometime a little bit scary to monitor all your data traffic at home…..

What is updated / upgraded next?



I think it is time to pimp up my workstation again…..


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