Marc Huppert

Stage XXII: VMware NSX

After completing the last Stage XXI: vSAN 6.6 with 40GbE it was time to implement network virtualization with VMware NSX.

I configured two of my four 10GbE Network cards for VM usage with VMware NSX.

First step is to deploy the NSX Manager Virtual Appliance.

I configured the appliance, did the vCenter Integration and setup the automated NSX Mgr Backup.

The host network preparation uses VUM to install the VIB modules

Two vmkernel VXLAN Tunnel Endpoints (VTEPs) are configured

After the initial setup I deployed several Logical Switches (Portgroups on the vDS)

The next step is to deploy NSX Edges. One for East-West traffic and one for North-South traffic. Both are configured in HA mode.

I configured DHCP Relay for my internal servers.

Static routes are deployed.

Static routes are also configured on the second NSX Edge (North South)

Static routes are also implemented on my default gateway to support the NSX Logical Switches and VMs running on it.

After successful implementing the first phase with NSX, I wanted to test the Load Balancing features within NSX for my Horizon Connection Servers.

Here are the required steps at the North-South Edge.

Load Balancer Pool Settings

Virtual Server Configuration

Destination NAT for the North South Edge

It is a really nice pretty straight forward setup and easy to use.

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