Marc Huppert

Protection Jobs

After the tuning of the Virtual Edition it was time to create the first protection jobs.

From the vCenter Server repository I registered my Microsoft SQL 2014 VM as a SQL Server.

I entered the required Windows Credentials. No agent of something else needs to be installed onto the SQL VM.

Now it was time for the first Protection Job, there are several options, depending on what you would like to protect:

Let`s start with a MS SQL Server Protection Job:

The system uses the VMware VADP API to do VM and SQL backups. The options are defined within the Protection Policies. There are pre-configured policies in place, but you can also configure your own.

You need to enter a Job name and you have the ability to configure advanced job options.

Choose your SQL Server VM (registered as a SQL Server before) and add it to your Cart.

That´s it. You have successfully configured a MS SQL Server Protection Job. It automatically starts the backup process for this protected VM. From now on, your SQL Server gets backed-up every hour and the Transaction logs every 15 minutes... (depends on your policy).

You can check the status of your protection job at the Manage Protection Jobs Page:

I also configured several Virtual Machine Protection Jobs with different options.

In Addition, you can backup physical machines, Windows or Linux. I tested it with my wife´s notebook running Windows 10. Absolutely no issues, works like a charm.

After different successful runs of Protection Jobs it was time to think about offsite-archiving.