Marc Huppert

Creating a Monitoring cluster

What is a FVP Monitoring Cluster?

When implementing PernixData FVP, I get always the same questions. What VMs or Datastores should get acceleration? Who would benefit the most?

My answer is the same: Build a FVP monitoring cluster first to monitor your IOs.

Install PernixData FVP Management Server, install the Host-Extension and create a FVP Cluster.

DonĀ“t configure any Acceleration Resources (RAM or Flash)

You can see above, that my HomeOffice cluster does not have any resources. You just want to monitor first , right?

You can monitor the performance of your VMs using the "Performance" - "Virtual Machines" Option.

You can select your virtual machines and view for example the "Latency"

Or the IOPS....

Or the Throughput.

It is a very useful feature to Monitor your environment first and enable the acceleration later.

I have monitored my HomeLab, ordered Intel DC S3700 400GB SSDs and will implement these as Acceleration Resources when they arrive. I will post it at my HomeLab site here.