Marc Huppert

FVP Installation

PernixData FVP consists of 3 components:

  • FVP Windows Management Server
  • FVP UI Plugin
  • FVP Host Extension

First you need to install the FVP Management Server:


The second part is the FVP UI Plugin Installation:


The Installation is pretty straight Forward.

From the vSphere Client choose PlugIns - Manage Plugins

  • Next

  • Next

  • Install

  • Finish

The third part is the Host Extension Installation:

  • Copy the Host Extension to your ESXi host via WinSCP, for example to /tmp

  • Enter Host Maintenance Mode

  • Login as root via SSH

  • Install the Host Extension with this command:

  • esxcli software vib install -d /tmp/ 

  • Backup the ESXi Host configuration with this command:

  • /sbin/

  • Remove the Host from Maintenance Mode

You can find the official Installation Guide here:

You can find Update information here.