Marc Huppert

HomeLab ToDo....

vSAN 6.6.1 All Flash: vSAN All Flash with NVMe

Two Nvidia P4 inside my vSAN cluster: New Nvdida GPUs for my HomeLab

Switchable PDUs and High Performance Internet: Infrastructure Upgrades

New Backup Solution: Cohesity

Network Virtualization: VMware NSX

More storage and network power: vSAN 6.6 with 40GbE

Performance Storage: vSAN All Flash

New Solutions: VSAN + VVOLs

Network Expansion: 10GbE for all

Custom Build NAS: Custom High Performance NAS

UPS and VMware: APC vSphere Integration

Flash Acceleration: PernixData FVP at my HomeLab

It is getting bigger: HomeLab Expansion

More devices: FibreChannel for all

Disaster Recovery at my homelab: 2 separate datacenters

The next homelab level: Physical expansion

A central storage was needed: I want FibreChannel at home

Network Cross-Over was nice, now I want a 10GbE switch

Network was a bottleneck: I want 10GbE

The stage where I need more power

I got more servers: The Evolution

I need a private homelab: The Beginning

The Beginning of my homelab:

I started to think about a private homelab for my VMware stuff back in 2006....

I had virtual test servers and the solutioncenter of my employer. I set up a complex VMware vSphere environment, which was formatted / destroyed by one of my collegues, due to other tests, they made.