Marc Huppert

By: mhuppert | February 11, 2020

Cloud Native Apps (The Podlets, Ep 16)

Cloud Native Apps (The Podlets, Ep 16)

Do you know what cloud native apps are? Well, we don’t really either, but today we’re on a mission to find out! This episode is an exciting one, where we bring all of our different understandings of what cloud native apps are to the table. The topic is so interesting and diverse and can be interpreted in a myriad of ways. The term ‘cloud native app’ is not very concrete, which allows for this open interpretation. We begin by discussing what we understand cloud native apps to be. We see that while we all have similar definitions, there are still many differences in how we interpret this term. These different interpretations unlock some other important questions that we also delve into. For the show notes and transcript:... Read More

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