Marc Huppert

By: mhuppert | December 08, 2014

Oracle changed their licensing model for VMware vSphere once again. In the past it was OK to create a dedicated vSphere cluster for your Oracle VMs and ESXi hosts. Many of my customers have created extra Oracle clusters.

The new license information is that you need to license all hosts, that belongs to your vCenter server instance...

All hosts inside your vCenter server needs to have Oracle licenses.

You can find the details in this article (german):,3071737

What will happen when VMware announce vSphere 6.0 with vCenter 6.0 and the feature vMotion across vCenter servers?

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Posted on : May 21, 2015

we will need to license all esx server in the world !

Marc Huppert

Posted on : December 10, 2014

Thank you for the info / update.

Jan-Willem Lammers

Posted on : December 10, 2014

Nothing has changed, just their opinion. No legal basis.<br />Check this article.<br /><br />

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