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By: mhuppert | June 12, 2017

I completed my latest HomeLab journey: Stage XXIV: Infrastructure Upgrades

This story is split into two sections:

PDUs and Internet Connection



I was able to get two IBM Enterprise Manageable PDUs. 

Officially these PDUs are operating with 32A on a single phase, I modified them to work on a normal german 16A fuse. I installed both of them at my main datacenter at home. I use another solution for my smaller backup datacenter, also at home.


Internet Connection

I had VDSL 25 Mbps Download and 5 Mbps Upload. I wanted it much more faster...... and static public IPs.

I got the option for free to connect my house to the Unitymedia cable network. 

Now I have 450Mbps Download and 20 Mbps Upload connectivity including 5 x Public IPs.....

You can read the full story here: Stage XXIV: Infrastructure Upgrades

Stay tuned for the next episodes..... My HomeLab / HomeDC is growing :-)

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