Marc Huppert

Archiving Data to external systems

After configuring Protection Jobs, it was time to think about offsite-archiving.

You can configure External Targets, like Cloud Storage, NAS Systems or Tape Libraries….

I setup my All Flash Custom Build NAS System as an external target and configured the archive function:

After the integration of my NAS system I wanted to use my TapeLoader for real offsite-archiving.....

I installed the QStar Archive Manager on the system, where my LTO4-Autoloader is attached to. This software creates a CIFS share onto a cache HDD, where Cohesity copies the data to. This data gets automatically offloaded to Tape.

Cohesity has another pretty nice whitepaper, which explains how to configure the QStar Archive Manager.

You can see at the Protection Job Level if a run was successful on the local platform and if the archive job to NAS and Tape was done correctly.

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